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Social Media for Lead Generation

Using social media to brand your business isn’t groundbreaking anymore. Been there, done that? But although social is still important for branding and generating buzz, it’s increasingly used for lead generation. Learn what types of messaging work best on which channels. Read More

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Roadmap to a Successful Cloud Implementation: 5 Steps to Consider for Ensuring a Successful Implementation

If you are a growing midsize organization, chances are you are or will soon outgrow your entry-level accounting system. More and more companies are turning to cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems—namely software-as-a-service (SaaS)—to modernize their current systems and lay the foundation for future growth.SaaS ERP offers and intuitive user experience, modern functionality, and the ability to conduct business anywhere via mobile devices. Cloud ERP also offers more favorable economics... Read More

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Marketing Tech 101: An Executive Guide to Understanding and Applying Emerging Technologies

For today@s B2B marketers, the ability to understand and use technology is a basic survival skill. Marketers now work in an always-on, highly connected world where buyers call the shots, deciding where, when, and how they will interact with vendors.With the right technology, it@s possible to identify these buyers, and to build meaningful and profitable relationships with them.This guide to understanding emerging marketing technologies will help you cut through the clutter and complexity of today@s... Read More

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Seven Reasons You Need Predictive Analytics Today

This white paper looks at seven strategic objectives that can be attained to their full potential by employing predictive analytics. Learn why advanced analytics tools can be essential to sustain a competitive advantage.The seven strategic objectives that can be met with business intelligence (BI) solutions and analytics include competition, growth, and meeting consumer expectations. Read More

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